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In pre-British period Chandbali was a small village inhabited by fishermen on the bank of the river Baitarani.It was also used as a natural river port by the local peoples.

In 1866 communication to Bengal through water way was established from Chandbali.In 28th March 1881 the natural port of Chandbali was declared as a govt. port by the British govt. After that the flow of outsiders mainly from the business community started towards Chandbali. This led to the growth of Chandbali as a Agro-based merchants centre.

Some of the remains of the British period like Cannon and Anchor still found at Chandbali reminds one of those days.

Presently Chandbali is the headquarter of Chandbali tahasil as well as Chandbali block.It is also a popular tourist spot and the gate-way to the famous tourist spot-cum- wild life Sanctuary "Bhitarkanika" in the water way, being accessed by boats through the river Baitarani.

Bhitarkanika in the East Coast of Odisha, is the growing tip of the ever increasing delta formed by the alluvial deposits of sacred rivers Brahmani, Baitarani and Dhamara. This deltaic region is capped with a unique vegetation known as mangroves which are equipped with natural adaptations such as pneumatophores, stilt roots and hypocotiles to survive in estuarine condition. Mangroves are defined as a group of specialized plant community confined to the estuaries of the tropical and sub-stropical regions. Considering the zoological ,geological ,geo morphological and ecological importance of Bhitarakanika , the Govt. of Odisha declared it as a Wildlife Sanctuary over an area of 672 Sq..Kms in the year 1975 vide Notification No.6958/FFAH dt.22/04/1975 .Subsequently the core area of the Sanctuary comprising an area of 145 Sq. Kms. was notified as a National park vide notification no.19686 dt.16/09/1998.

Enjoy the beauty of pristine sandy beaches of Ekakula, Barunei and Habalikhati. The serene sylvan and tranquil surrounding makes one to get lost in the lap of nature.

This deltic region comprises a couple of tiny islands formed by the meandering creeks. With Dangmal at the centre stage ( the others being Ekakula, Habilikhati etc), Bhitarakanika is a natural habitat of lot of wild creatures like Crocodiles, King Cobra, Pythons, Wild Pigs, Rhesus Monkey, Sambars, Spotted Deer etc. There is a Crocodile Breeding Farm at Dangmal. The pride possession of this Farm is the White Crocodile Sankhua, a rare species in the World.

Over 170 species of resident and migratory birds of different hue enhance the beauty of the wild. Prominent ampng them are King Fisher, Open billed storks, Sea Eagles, Kites, Sand Pipers, Darters, Whistling Teals, Sea Gulls, etc. Another amazing phenomenon of nature here is the visit of Olive Ridley Sea Turtles to Gahirmatha in lakhs twice every year between January and March to lay eggs en masse. An unexpected aditional attraction is the remains of two 9th century monuments a temple dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva and the other a Shakti Shrine at Dangmal.

Permission to visit Bhitarakanika can be obtained from Divisional Forest Officer Rajnagar, PIN:754225, Ph (06729) 272460 Or Asst. conservator of Forests, Chandbali, PIN 756133 Ph. (06786) 220372 on payment of prescribed fees.